Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know my instructor is  qualified?
: A driving instructor must display his or her Approved Driving Instructors badge in the windscreen of the vehicle. A green badge shows that they are fully qualified; a pink badge means that they are on there final part of training.

Q: Will I get a full hour of tuition?
A: Yes,I will pick you up at the time you have arranged and you will have a full hour of one-to-one tuition.

Q: Can I book a two-hour lesson?
A: Yes. In many cases two-hour lessons are preferable and recommended. Research has shown that pupils learn more in a two hour lesson, compared to two single hourly lessons.

Q: Will I have to share my lesson, or have to pick up the next pupil during my instruction?
A: No, You will receive personal, one-to-one instruction.

Q: Can I get picked up and dropped off at different addresses?
A: Yes, pickup or drop off can be at home, school or place of work if requested.

Q: How many lessons will I need?
A: There is no set number. Driving Standards Agency research suggests that about 40 hours of professional training plus additional practice will give you the best chance of passing.

The number of lessons you need can depend on: how quickly you learn, how often you are taught, the length of your lessons and the amount of practice you get.
I will monitor your progress on the official syllabus and advise you when you're ready to apply for your test.

Q: I'm really nervous about learning to drive. Would you advise me to try a driving simulator first?
A: Driving simulators can be useful, especially if you are a very nervous driver, but nothing can replace
 in-vehicle training with a professional instructor.

Q: Will I need to book the practical and theory tests myself?
A: The practical and theory tests are an arrangement between you and the Driving Standards Agency, but I will be happy to help you book your test appointments.

Q: Can you help me prepare for my theory/Hazard Perception Test?
A: Yes,I can supply you with mock theory test papers to help you practice. You can also buy various practical and theory test books and CD's which will help you to study for your theory/hazard perception test.

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